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Mom and Pops Shop-St Isidore

4574 Ste Catherine St 
Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm
Open 1 Saturday every month followingBaby bonus
Aline: 613-363-3761

St Isidore is where Full Bellies all started in 2019. This is where Full Bellies built its permanent location acting as the hub to move food between locations in Eastern Ontario. The needs of the community of St Isidore has morphed this location into a small grocer where you can find all your staple items for your kitchen and household needs. Although we still operate as a food share when buying full bags of produce, everything is also conveniently priced individually to meet the needs of the community which lost it's grocery store in 2021. 

Like our other locations, Mom and Pop's is also run by volunteers however is almost entirely managed as it's own entity by Remi and Aline who are Mom and Pop. You will find many little one's helping out stocking shelves, running the cash or just simply being present, fulfilling the original beauty of this family-run operation. They very much appreciate patience and generosity as they learn valuable life skills of community and business. In the later afternoons, you may see some young teens, helping where they can, getting their volunteer hours filled. 

Mom and Pop's strives to stock things that are lower priced than most grocery stores making it much easier for families to make ends meet. We often bring in flash sale items and run special sales once a month on Baby Bonus Day. 

Baby Bonus Day is the one Saturday a month that we are open, 9am-12pm. We create extra special deals and packages for families to use their baby bonus money wisely and most efficiently giving them the most bang for their buck. We have free giveaways and extra discounts at the cash when you spin the wheel. 

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An example of Baby Bonus Saturday deals above
Spin to win below

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