VKH Operation we got shut down, SEND HELP.

Updated: Feb 21

Here we are again full bellies. We just don't stop. Who wants to hear about the drama that's running wild over at the Vankleek Hill location? Well it's pretty awesome yet frightening at the same time!

In our Vankleek Hill location Jonikole (who is btw me) got paid a visit and was told to cease all food and immediately stop selling. Apparently selling produce out of your house (residential) is an offense and we could be fined or ticketed for not following the rules. How were we supposed to know? We just feed people.

Once we got word that party time was over we had to think fast and make some immediate changes. We began to cancel every appointment booked. We had appointments booked every 5 minutes so you can imagine this wasn't an easy task.

The house turned into pure chaos. Messages, calls, people still arriving hoping to get their boxes showing up asking questions and still wanting to talk about why everything is a mess and where can they get their food.

While this is all taking place Kierstain shows up to help which it seemed to only take seconds for our boys to catch on to the chaos and throw knuckles. I'm trying to talk to a customer while Kierstain comes yelling through the kitchen to the door. "NIKOLE YOUR SON IS BLEEDING EVERYWHERE VERY BADLY." Okay then, "Bye , Bye now. Have a great day." I say to the customer as I shove them out of my house! I promise you, I can't make this stuff up.

I take care of Ezra and we come up with a plan Simon will come rescue us. He will bring the truck and we will prepack all the food and hand out prepacked boxes, which I have to tell you it was a massive amount of food! Thank God for our amazing volunteer's Isabelle and Sandy. THANK YOU if you are reading this. They just got to packing and Simon, Kierstian and I began loading. Once that was all done we went with the truck to the area to sell prepacked boxes in the freezing cold I must add with our little monsters! Again thank you for the community of volunteer's we have for full bellies and the fact that Isabelle one of our dedicated helpers took on watching the littles for us while we still tried to storm through the chaos.

Full bellies littles, left to right Christian Elliot Jalbert and Callum

Finally we finish out our day feeling tired and defeated. Tears and tears fall now that the day is over with and no one can see me completely fall apart. I just wanted it all to be how it was. We were doing SO good! I had just gotten my square set up!

So the next day comes and I get up uncertain of what the day was going to bring. Simon and Kierstain show up for support and to offer me their help but most importantly their support. We did a few lives and told everyone to meet us at the park parking lot. I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought everyone was going to leave me. It was a sad thought that kept me up the night before crying.

But you know what? That didn't happen. What did happen was that Jan Amell, Vankleek Hill's amazing local photographer that can and will meet all your photography needs. Excuse me. I'm sorry. Jan comes to the bus brings us food and takes my son Christian for a walk and then for the rest of the day! How amazing is that?

We started having people show up all over. We also had many first time "Newbies" show up! We were busy the whole day and we loved it. It was noon time when we ended up calling our ocean master Amy Willis who also pulled together with us and brought us more food because we ran out before the day was even almost over! Thank you you! We met amazing people. One guy (I'm sorry guy, I forgot your name) was so kind to donate all his extra dog food for our families sponsored boxes with furbabies too. We started our Vankleek Hill Donation cash fund and felt so encouraged. We had one of our other Amazing helpers come just to donate and gave us so much encouragement that it was at that moment that I think we realized "Okay we are going to do this!"

Thank you VKH/HAWKESBURY for sticking with us. Thank you to the Machine for coming together to make this crazy ride memorable every moment that goes by. On the next episode of Operation Location...We find out that we can't use the park parking lot and learn what we can't do and some information on the location search.

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