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The Tipping Point

The tipping point in business and community is a fascinating thing. I remember our first tipping point. Back in the height of Covid. I get carried away with ideas sometimes. That's how Full Bellies got to be where it is today. It's not that I long for grandeur, praise or recognition. It's that I like making things bigger. I love improving systems and finding new and more efficient ways to get things done. I love taking other peoples ideas and bringing life to them where they couldn't have otherwise have been brought to life. How often do we talk over beers or around the fire about "if it were me, I would do it like this"? I'm a doer. A go getter. I call myself a facilitator of ideas. Those ideas that people have over drinks and laughs ARE GOOD IDEAS. "Lets do it then" I'll say. And thus the ideas carry me away. And I love living in the wind just like the Spirit of God. Not knowing where I'm going but not knowing, with purpose.

Full Bellies started with friends sharing food. We were 4 moms against our 25 kids when we were all together. And we'd share. Now the wheels are turning in my head. "If we ask a few more people if they want to share food then we could share more than just apples, oranges, bananas and peppers. We could share like 6 or 8 types of food. We basically wouldn't need to go to the grocery store for produce anymore. Lets do it. We'll make it a homeschool project. The kids will learn about food and serving their community. They'll make $5 in tips and they will learn valuable life skills." They certainly did. They served with willing hearts, they were strong for the job, they loved the company of each other and worked HARD!

The number 11 rings a bell. We got up to 11 people we knew sharing food. The moms. A couple people from church. Remi and Aline. I remember that! It was a few hours with all the kids in the car every other week, taking turns getting out and bringing boxes to doors. I had the timings down to an art, including a 5 minute chat with each person we dropped off at. It was beautiful and I loved it. But with every good thing, word of mouth spreads fast. Within a few months, I ran out of space in my van for kids and boxes and so we hit our first tipping point.

Summer 2020 starts the new season. Stay tuned for tipping point 2

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